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FALCOM Petrochemical ETF

Like other investment funds, ETFs are composed of a basket of listed company shares however unlike mutual funds ETFs are traded on the exchange. ETFs are more transparent since they track the movement of the underlying index by way of investing in the index in the same proportions. That makes it easier for investor to gauge the performance of the ETF by looking at the market movement of components of the underlying index. ETF units can be traded by bid-ask during trading hours.

FALCOM Petrochemical Watch

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FALCOM Petrochemical iNAV vs FPETRO ETF Index

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Falcom Petrochemical ETF Information Memorandum (Modified on 15/04/2013)

Falcom Petrochemical ETF Terms & Conditions (Modified on 31/05/2017)

Financial Statements:

  Report Link Language
2017 (Six months) Arabic
2016 Arabic
2016 (Six months) Arabic
2015 Arabic
2014 Arabic
2012 Arabic

Quarterly Reports:

  Report Link Language
4th Q 2017 English
4th Q 2017 Arabic
3rd Q 2017 English
3rd Q 2017 Arabic
Semi-annual Report 2017 Arabic
2nd Q 2017 English
2nd Q 2017 Arabic
1st Q 2017 English
1st Q 2017 Arabic
Annual Report 2016 Arabic
4th Q 2016 English
4th Q 2016 Arabic
3rd Q 2016 English
3rd Q 2016 Arabic
2nd Q 2016 English
2nd Q 2016 Arabic
1st Q 2016 English
1st Q 2016 Arabic
4th Q 2015 English
4th Q 2015 Arabic
3rd Q 2015 English
3rd Q 2015 Arabic
2nd Q 2015 English
2nd Q 2015 Arabic
1st Q 2015 English
1st Q 2015 Arabic
2nd Q 2014 English
1st Q 2014 English
4th Q 2013 English
2nd Q 2013 English
3rd Q 2012 English
2nd Q 2011 English
1st Q 2011 English
4th Q 2010 English

Basket Components for FALCOM Petrochemical ETF

(Last Update 08/12/2015)
Symbol Company % Weight (ETF)

Index Components for FALCOM Petrochemical ETF

(Last Update 21/07/2013)
Symbol Company % Weight (ETF)